The advocates and lawyers of the Law Firm "Status" have deep theoretical knowledge, practical experience, professional readiness and all opportunities for the provision of services in a spectrum of declared legal practices. During the process of creation and development of our firm in choosing practices the principle of universality has been selected to provide services to the client, which allows to execute a comprehensive and complete service to the client and to provide reliable protection of its rights and interests to achieve maximum result in solving problems set by the client.

Each practice in which we provide services has a manager among the lawyers of the firm. The lawyer-practice manager is the exclusive and competent specialist in legal mechanisms, practical implementation, alternatives of problem solving and advising clients in the field of legal relations concerning its practice. The adoption of all important issues, communication with the client in choosing strategy and tactics of conducting a case, negotiations, submission of conclusions are made only with participation of the lawyer - practice manager, which is solely responsible for the basic and key issues in solving all matters concerning its practice.

There are cases when two or more lawyers - practice managers work over one complex project, allowing to solve the set problem on turnkey basis.

The range of provided services by the Law Firm "Status" is not limited to the declared practices as far as specificity and complexity of certain projects require single-discipline knowledge and experience that are in possession of the specialists of our firm.