Corporate bankruptcy is a very complicated procedure in which legal assistance is obligatory, because in each one case there are specialities and nuances depending on the form of the legal entity, chosen bankruptcy procedure, the size of the debt, market value of the company and many other factors. Also it should not be forgotten that often the bankruptcy procedure is used to solve and implement by the concerned persons of certain tasks and to achieve appropriate results not within bankruptcy procedure.

The specialists of the Law Firm "Status" provide services in the practice of bankruptcy both to companies against which the bankruptcy procedure is initiated or their owners and to creditors the debtors of which use the bankruptcy procedure to avoid responsibility to the partners.

Ignorant in this field is almost impossible to understand this alone and not to make mistakes and losses, while knowledgeable and experienced lawyer on bankruptcy, having carefully examined all the circumstances, should be able to complete the case with the benefit and advantage for his client. Timely appeal to specialists of the Law Firm "Status" would allow to solve the problems that arose before or during the bankruptcy procedure and to protect Your business from dishonest and unscrupulous creditors.

Often, in order to protect the client's interests, it is necessary to recognize in a court order transactions with the debtor's property invalid or to appoint a new liquidator for debt collection and reducing artificial debts to creditors.