Both at cases if You are found to be victim and the prosecuted in the commission of any crime experienced lawyer on criminal cases of the Law Firm "Status" will help to defend Your rights and protect Your interests.

All persons have a right to a lawyer regardless of the severity of the crime. According to criminal legislation law enforcement officer shall invite a lawyer if the person being accused of committing a crime, cannot find and bring a lawyer itself. If You have the opportunity to hire a lawyer in criminal cases, You have the right to request that defence counsel whom You trust more. The practice shows that the lawyer You have chosen and hired at own is more likely to win the case or commute the sentence. The specialists of our firm immediately proceeding to resolve Your case in many ways would gather complete information and analyse the situation. Initially, the analysis of the legality of a criminal case is performed, is there enough evidence in the case, whether the arrest complied with the rules and whether there are grounds for termination of the criminal case. In the case if the detention order was complied with and there are enough evidences, the task of a lawyer in criminal cases is to minimize time of detention or to replace it with a more easy way of punishment.

The main functions of a lawyer in criminal cases are studying of the criminal case, preparation and submission of applications, complaints, petitions, participation in pre-trial proceedings. A lawyer has a right to require the investigation necessary documents on the case, to examine witnesses statements, to require expertise, to attend the client, to challenge misconduct acts of investigation, law enforcement officers, to submit appeals and cassations.

Experience and considerable practice of lawyers in criminal law of the Law Firm "Status" gives ability competently and professionally to protect the rights and interests of the client at any stage of the criminal proceedings, in different circumstances and provides a sense of security and confidence in the proper and fair trial.