Daily life in the modern world and conducting any business activity suggest that there are different kinds of disputes and their settlement requires the participation of highly qualified lawyers. High level of reliability, broad experience and innovative and progressive strategies are specific features of our firm that contribute to success in conducting court or arbitration disputes of our clients.

Dispute resolution, no doubt, requires deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Understanding the nature of each one dispute, significant experience in evaluating potential outcomes, successful proceeding, case management and implementation of the most effective approaches to dispute resolution have formed authoritative, purposeful and demanded team of dispute resolution practice.

We have an individual approach to each case that the clients refer to us. Before starting work on the resolution of a dispute, experienced specialists perform a detailed legal analysis of documents and information provided relevant to the dispute subject and merits. Following by deep knowledge of the legislation norms and legal practice, a reasoned legal opinion is formed, potential risks to the client are assessed and conclusions are provided on the real state of the case and effective recommendations to resolve it.

In the reality of today's economic and social status there are often cases when the traditional way of resolving the dispute in court is not acceptable and not beneficial to the client. Besides to offer the entire range of legal services in court representation, the Law Firm "Status" effectively provides services to prevent and resolve disputes using various forms of alternative dispute resolution. In resolving many disputes, such alternative approaches, especially when combined with early risk and situation assessment, lead to better results much faster, at lower cost and without inconvenience to the client. The use of such methods can contribute to preserve confidentiality, and constant business relationship between the parties in dispute that both want a fair resolution of existing disputes.

Participation of advocates and lawyers of the Law Firm "Status" in solving your disputes should provide a clear understanding of the circumstances, alternative ways of effective dispute resolution,  maximum ensuring protection of Your rights and interests, recommendations on the choice of dispute resolution methods, clear, confident and strong defence combined with the achievement of the highest results for You personally or for Your company.