Today way of protecting the violated rights at the European Court of Human Rights becomes more and more popular, that is a consequence of the loss of credibility by the national court system. It is also necessary to know that in this court only violations of fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the European Convention for Human Rights may be appealed.

Legal assistance of advocates and lawyers of the Law Firm "Status" will help You to defend Your rights and interests and to comply with all the requirements in respect of the preparation and submission of documents. It should be understood that actions on appeal are possible only when all possible remedies in Ukraine have been used, and one can only complain to the events for what the state power is directly responsible.  

All actions concerning lodging a complaint are clearly regulated and must be in accordance with established procedures. The official languages of the Court are English and French, which means that the proceedings will be conducted in one of these languages. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to contact with the specialists of our firm who clearly know and understand the entire procedure for submission and consideration of documents, will prepare and submit on Your behalf reasoned complaint indicating therein all the necessary facts and violations.  It is also necessary to know that the proceedings could drag on for several years due to court congestion and complicated procedure of trial. In order to speed up the proceedings submission is practised of the full version of the complaint with reference to all the necessary facts and application.

For resultative, timely and effective exercise of the right to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights it is obviously necessary to provide support for this process by the lawyers of relevant level and experience, which are the specialists of the Law Firm "Status". Only strict adherence to procedure for the preparation and submission of documents with the understanding of peculiarities of this form of judiciary can give to the client confidence in the results.