The institute of a family in our time has lost its former significance. As of today, about 65% of entered marriages become broken ones. Divorce has long been perceived as normal. Former members of the family cannot find a compromise, and the only entity that can resolve family disputes is the court.

The process of divorce by its nature and characteristics is non-pleasant procedure. Of course, if spouses are divorced who do not have minor children, common property, the process is very simple and comes down to submission of the application for divorce to registry offices and takes several weeks. If there are minor children and common property situation takes an entirely different content. Paper bureaucracy, constant nervousness, wrongly made emotional decisions and actions, aggravated relations with former spouses and the inability to find any compromise - are integral parts of any divorce. Contacting with our firm will free You from most unpleasant moments in this process, provide confidence in the correctness of the selected position and ensure the best results achieved in Your favour. Our specialists familiar with the theory and rich practice of family disputes at a high level will protect you in a court trial. Practical experience in solving family disputes enables our lawyers and advocates to possess procedural nuances of  dispute solving that are known only to professionals, and significantly allow to achieve the desired results for the client. 

Lawyer in family disputes will assist to solve any problems related not only with the divorce, and with alimony as well. Our specialists have in the arsenal a large number of won cases on alimony not only from a former spouse, but from the present one if he does not keep the child in the proper amount, and collecting child support from parents who are outside Ukraine and do not comply with their obligations.

At the same time basic principle of our firm when solving family disputes is to take all possible measures to compromise between the former spouses, allowing partial conciliation, quick resolution of the dispute and the possibility of further communication.

Cooperation with the Law Firm "Status" in resolving of family disputes will give you confidence in the chosen way of dispute resolution, application and use of the whole range of measures and professional methods in this category of cases, a sense of legal protection and maximum effect and results beneficial for Your party.