The scope of activity of the Law Firm "Status" also includes assistance to individuals, companies and organizations on all issues related to the representation of their legal interests on the matters of labour law. The procedure for hiring and firing, working hours, disciplinary penalties and incentives, different types of leave, unfair dismissal are governed by a complicated system of rules and practice of labour law. The need for assistance of lawyer usually occurs in two cases: if the employer seeks to organize, revise, improve and control the provision of legal support for relationships with employees, and if the employer or employee are in breach of the assumed obligations, are acting outside the law.

With the transition to a market economy a various issues increasingly began to emerge related to violation of the rights by employers. Wrongful dismissal, delayed wages, failure to comply with work schedule - today are not uncommon. Illegally dismissed workers, persons for whom have not made payment of compensation and other obligatory payments, employers affected by unfair and even criminal acts of employees refer for our assistance. 

The advocates and lawyers of the Law Firm "Status" perform advice and defence on any issues relating to violation of the rights and interests of clients, which are fixed in labour legislation. Timely address to a specialist and information on specific rights provides confidence and allows to communicate with the opposite party on the basis of equality.

Often it is that after the work conducted by specialists of our firm the employer or employee are going to meet the requirements of our client and the conflict is resolved without going to the stage of court trial. If the case came to court, it is important to make a claim correctly and formulate claim demands that must meet both the content and the form of law requirements. Specialists of the Law Firm "Status" will assist You in preparing the necessary documents, gathering of information and evidences as well as representation of Your interests in court.

Employers may be interested in our consultation on issues of admission and dismissal of employees, management and preparation of staff documentation, the matters of labour protection and other issues in the field of labour relations.