The purpose of conducting «due diligence» is disclosure to current or potential owners of a company reliable information on the company activities. Legal diagnostics allows the client to clearly understand the state of legal security and create a list of particular actions to improve the sustainability of the company against external and internal legal affects (lawsuits, claims, audit, breach of contract, etc.). Depending on the interests of the client - orderer of the «due diligence», duration, focus of the studied issues, the degree of access to information in each case may be different. Very often the legal diagnostics covers all activities of the company and lies in the analysis of all risks of the company and developing proposals for their elimination.

The high level of qualification of specialists of the Law Firm "Status" allows to perform a comprehensive legal expertise of statutory and other company documents, contracts for their compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine, in order to detect potential risks and develop ways to minimize them.

As a result of performing by our Law Firm «due diligence» the client receives checking of the company`s activity in terms of sustainability to external influences and unfriendly takeovers and providing advice and recommendations in respect to eliminate identified in the process of legal diagnostics and/or deficiencies in the legal support of the company activity.