For gaining of guaranteed income, successful and dynamic development, insurance against any difficult situations - it is necessary to conduct business competently not only in economic terms, but also in legal ones. In this regard, firms often provide in their structure legal departments that ensure legal analysis, control and execution of all actions related to the current activity. But the existence of such legal department is often impractical from an economic point of view. 

By creating a universal team of professionals in various branches of law, the Law Firm "Status" provides service for legal support of business that completely cover and decide all issues of a legal nature.

Forms of work with clients of our firm are different and are conditioned by the particular situation. Daily work is based on the principle of remote ensuring of providing to the client of legal conclusions, required legal analysis, information on the actions of staff and specialists of a client and defence of his rights and interests.  Whilst, in some cases, personal legal advice to clients are provided that take place in the case of solving important and complex problems, need of advice to management and owners of the company, participation of a lawyer in the actions taking place in the office or production areas of the client.  

Depending on the needs of the client both a comprehensive business support and resolving specific issues in respect of current activities are provided.

Working with the Law Firm "Status" on legal support of a company enables clients to receive advice at the highest level, involving for solving issues of specialists in specific branches of law, all-day stay under the protection of a lawyer (both company and its manager), permanent legal control and recommendations to improve legal security of the company.

Each current issue of Your company will be overseen by a specialist of high category, which has broad practical experience in the required branch of law.