Disputes about succession have always occupied a special place among legal practices of private clients.  There is a significant number of examples when conflicts associated with partition of a succession destroyed strong and supportive families.  Instead of mutual concessions and proper understanding of civil rights, blood relatives are willing to do anything in order to get hold of a larger part of succession.

As is known, there are two types of succession: under the law and under the will.

At first glance succession under the will seems to be quite clear - the ones whom testator listed as legitimate heirs receive their part. However, even in this case there are ways to challenge testator's will in court. Professionalism and expertise of law company "Status" will provide you with protection of your rights and interests as heirs under the will as well as in case when you are a blood relative of the testator deprived of your due share in testament. 

Most litigations on succession cases concern succession under the law. The Civil Code defines several priority ranks of relatives entitled to inherit.  If you turn to our experts you can be confident that we have taken all possible measures for search and embodiment in a succession mass of overall testator's property which belonged to him at the time of succession commencement. At the same time in all cases we define the entire scope of testator's obligations that is also to be inherited and not subject for refusal, and provide you with methods and recommendations on how to optimize your expenses and provide you with maximum benefits. 

Lawyers of a law company "Status" that specialize in solving succession disputes, possess a thorough theoretical training, knowledge and experience of practical application of classic and innovative activities, techniques and patterns in the complex process of succession and ability to find compromise solutions between hostile parties, that provide high level of protection of rights and interests of our clients in succession disputes.