Only timely provided professional support and qualified lawyer on tax disputes can achieve justice and adequately protect the interests and rights of the individual or organization suffered in the tax branch. At the same time, it should be noted that specialists of the Law Firm "Status" provide services relating to tax disputes in two directions: disputes related to evasion of duties and taxes, that is a criminal offence, and those resulting from company`s attempts to optimize the tax burden.

Resolution of tax disputes often depends on the ability of a lawyer to prove the facts of excess or failure to comply to their powers by tax authorities employees. Violations of the rights of a taxpayer, failure to confirm the terms and procedure of checking, violation in tax control and more else - all of that can form the basis for cancellation at the court of the tax liability of the client or the cancellation of tax authorities acts.

Tax law is not perfect, that`s why most claims of tax structures expressed in making an act about breach and sending tax notices are destroyed by attack of an experienced specialist. Some rules are ambiguous in such extent that it leads to arbitrary interpretation and illegal use of tax penalties against a taxpayer.

In case of initiation of criminal proceedings against the taxpayer on the basis of tax evasion, only qualified and immediate assistance of our lawyers will allow to maximum protect the interests of the taxpayer. Our Firm's lawyers on tax matters are well oriented both in tax and criminal law, that makes defence unique, effective and highly professional.

Using the services of lawyers on tax matters of the Law Firm "Status" is not only advisable when the controversial situation has occurred, but at a stage when the company starts to reflect or implement minimization of the tax burden and optimization of the tax payments.